Written Word


In college, I minored in English with an emphasis on fiction writing. Basically, this meant as many fiction writing workshops as I could fit into my schedule. I really enjoy the collaborative nature of theater and film and I like to share the viewing experience with an audience, so I don’t tend to write short stories as often. But the instruction I received in those fiction workshops were really the foundation of what I learned about the process of writing, so these stories are very close to my heart.

I’ve included a selection of the stories that mean the most to me. Click-through for the full text.


I’ve only recently begun to truly enjoy poetry on my own, so my poetic offerings are pretty slim. I did take one poetry writing class in school and came up with a few works that I still feel attached to, so I’m sharing them here.


Space Pope Episode 1: A Crisis of Faith

The Supreme Pontiff of the Vacuum Regions is called upon to help a troubled girl in this sci-fi adventure.

This was the first story I wrote on my own after graduating from school. At one point I thought it might be part of a comic book series. Maybe it will be someday, but for now it’s just my personal tribute to pulp fun.

Suburban Cannibal

A lonely guy is driven to drastic measures in his need for human connection.

This is one of the first short stories I ever wrote in college. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if it earns its more gruesome moments, but I still appreciate the dark humor and enjoy it as a nod to a simpler time where I cared more about flashy emotions than good taste.

The Shimeguchis

Mrs. Shimeguchi suspects that her husband hides a dark secret. She’s not entirely wrong.

I wrote this story shortly after returning from a study abroad in Japan. I’m not sure how well this reflects the culture, but I still like the slow-burn mystery quality of it.

Sam’s Death

Sam thinks he’s dying and won’t shut up about it.

A small idea that I expanded into a small story.

The Stanford Film Society Office

An ode to my old second home.

Our Fiction Workshop

Some rules you’ll need to know if you’re taking a fiction writing workshop.

A short assignment from school. I think it’s accurate.

To Go

We were assigned to write an elegy for my poetry class. My grandfather had passed away recently, so the topic seemed appropriate.

Sestina for a Saturday Morning

My attempt to work with the format of a sestina -- a highly structured form that is built around repeated words.

Talking Diva Musical Fashion 9-Inch Styling Head™

A found poem in which half of the text originates from a real toy ad (no edits! I promise!)