Visual Effects


I’ve been working full time at Industrial Light + Magic since January of 2005. My first job was as an intern in the training department and since that time I’ve been a resource assistant, technical assistant, and assistant technical director.

I’m currently working as a lighting technical director. I’ve worked on shots for the following movies.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This was my very first gig working on actual shots. I did lighting work on two of the shots in the final “Temple Heart” sequence, which meant a lot of effort making the crystal skulls look like they were made out of crystal.

I also did a bit of simple particle simulation work for dust and debris.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continues

Lighting and rendering work. I’m not allowed to spill much more than that before the ride opens at Disneyland in May 2011.

Iron Man 2

I mostly worked on crowd placement and choreography for the exterior shots of the Stark Expo. In other words, telling little digital people where to scream and run.

I also did lighting for a few shots when Iron Man confronts War Machine when he’s first unveiled at the Expo.

The Last Airbender

I was uncredited on this one. Spent a month running simulations for snow that were later buried under several other layers of ice and practical elements. Then I spent another few months on a shot that was cut from the movie. Mostly, I chalk this one up to “learning experience.”


I was on the “render triage” team for Rango, helping people to troubleshoot all of the different rendering artifacts that tended to crop up. Lots of time solving flickering shadows, glowing t-shirts, sizzling fur and the like.