These short plays have all received (or are about to receive) a San Francisco production. I’ve linked excerpts of each.


None of these have been produced yet, but I’m working on it!


Billy’s Got Issues

Billy and Paul are celebrating their seven month anniversary. When Billy reveals his deepest secret, Paul is forced to confront the limits of his ability to trust another person.

This was first presented as part of San Francisco Stories by Wily West Productions in May of 2010.

Inner Dialogue

It’s your typical first date for John and Kyle, but instead of hearing what they say, the audience hears everything that John and Kyle think. It’s a study of how two people can be both inches away and miles apart.

This was entered into PianoFight Production’s ShortLived 3.0 - the largest audience judged playwriting competition in the country - and placed second.

Love in the Time of Zombies

Joe thought he had it rough surviving the zombie outbreak, but now he faces an even more perilous challenge. Is he actually interested in Todd, or is he just settling because there might not be any other gay guys left?

But before Joe and his friend can resolve their romantic issues, a mysterious stranger who throws everything they know into question enters into their lives. What follows is a story that takes them from humanity to zombiedom and back again.

A one-act version of this play was presented in a reading by the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco in the spring of 2009.

Japanese Demons (and How to Date Them)

Japanese Demons (and How to Date Them) combines traditional Japanese folk tales with modern dating anxiety. As Akira tells us the fairytales he learned as a child, we see them blending with his own experiences of finding love, losing love, and being stuck in the limbo between finding and losing love.

Akira’s journey takes him through ten folk tales and eighty years of Japanese-American history as he attempts to make sense of the life that he wants to lead.

Portal: The Musical

This script uses the songs of Jonathan Coulton to tell the story of Portal, the awesome video game created by Valve software.

The full script augments the video game's story with the struggles of a new character: Sam, code monkey extraordinaire, who fell in love with a test subject named Chell and hopes to help her conquer over the deranged Computer AI known as GLaDOS.

In the scene linked here, dramatized directly from the game, Chell is given a Companion Cube to help pass the next area in a series of tests. It features a reworked version of Jonathan Coulton's "I'm Your Moon"

Proposition Ate

An exploration of the fight for marriage equality in California, as re-enacted by fifth grade girls who really hate broccoli.

This will be part of the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco’s 11th edition of Sheherezade beginning March 18th, 2011.

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