Run, Damn It!


This was my second student film. It was made the winter quarter of my junior year, just after a particularly grueling graphics class.

I think this is one of the first times that I tried to directly tell a personal story. We still don’t see enough movies about what real programming work is like, so I’m glad to have attempted to put that on film. Plus, I still like the central metaphor for programming.

The supporting characters are all a little cartoonish, though, and part of me wishes I could go back and insert a more mature second act into the middle of this.

This also marked the first starring role for Tonyanna Borkovi. You’ll see a lot of her in the other movies. I wrote this part with her in mind, and learning to write for a specific actress was a great lesson in learning to write characters that actors would like to perform.


Music by

Steve Hoyt

Written and Directed By

Kirk Shimano

Echa Firwood

Smill Smates




Echa’s Mother

Computer Bug

Boom Op

Best Boy

Best Alyson

Worst Alyson

Associate Producer

Music Mixer

Tonyanna Borkovi

Ronak “Rocky” Kapadia

Ramón Bouchet Roullard

Michael Sego
Dylan Zwick

Annie Cotton


Benjamin Dudek

Dylan Zwick

Alyson Thomas

Steve Hoyt

Michael Sego

Benjamin Dudek