I wrote, directed, and edited six different short films while I was a student at Stanford University. Seeing these films through the entire process was the most useful storytelling training that I’ve had.

The projects are listed here in chronological order. If you’re short on time (or patience), you might want to skip to the last one first.


I’ve written two feature length scripts. Neither have been produced, so if you have a few extra million dollars lying around and are interested in making some movie magic, feel free to drop me a line. I’ve linked excerpts from each.


Run, Damn It!

A frazzled Computer Science student searches for the programming instincts.

Madame Arrrrbright

The former Secretary of State befriends a pirate.

God’s Perfect Game

Two friends compare their most prized possessions and then lose them.


Co-directed by Benjamin Dudek

Four lost souls remember the bizarre circumstances of their deaths.

There was one project for which I was screenwriter only. But what a project it was!

Shoe and Rock: The Adventures of Shoe and Rock

A noble rock and an excitable shoe seek to deliver a mysterious package that falls from the sky.

Griffith, Hunter, Heyward

When a student film falls apart, its neurotic director can no longer hide from himself.

Better Off Undead

A frustrated grad student refuses to accept the changes in his life. When he is hit by a truck, he’s so preoccupied that he forgets to die.

The Five Stages of Gay

Derek Bran is an unspectacular high schooler whose starving artist facade is shattered when his parents win the lottery. In the scene linked here, his mother’s splurging on a new refrigerator leads to a surprising revelation.

Shit Blows Up

A fresh-faced college graduate finds out that her new employer is actually an evil mastermind bent on holding the world hostage. The scene linked here is the first scene of the movie, which is a bit like Die Hard narrated by Juno.