Jon Sondag

Brienne Ramer

Mike D Sego

John Down

John Down

Jane Hu

Patrick Perry

Brienne Ramer

Mike D. Sego

Dylan Zwick

Seth Nickell

Nick Sydow

Keith Ito

Daniel Wright

Andy Gotterba

Barnali Dasverma

Mike D. Sego

Alyson Thomas

Dylan Zwick


Ed’s Entourage

Crowd Voices

Office Workers

Written and Directed by

Kirk Shimano

Director of Photography

Benjamin Dudek

Music by

Jonathan Beard


“Discarded” © 2001

Kirk Shimano & Benjamin Dudek

Presented by the Stanford Film Society

Stanislav Yudenko

David Joseph Regelmann
Danny Kahn

Tonyanna Borkovi

Wade Robertson

Jennifer Lynn Siebel

Lavina Tien

Dylan Zwick

Julie Marie Torres

Mike J. Hans

Steve Young

Mike J. Hans

John Huetter

Brian Quistorff

Simha Reddy

Julie Marie Torres

Chad Eric Piini


Barnali Dasverma

Steve Hoyt

Ichiro Osumi

Aaron Staple

Julie Marie Torres







Crazy Harry

Discarded was the first movie that I made with the Stanford Film Society. Ben Dudek has a Director of Photography credit, but in reality he had as much of the directing burden as me, particularly on set.

When I’m sharing my student films, I often skip past this one. The script is a mess - it seems to gesture at some sort of metaphor but doesn’t really have anything behind it. There isn’t much character detail to speak of and it’s much too long.

Looking back at this now, I am proud that the story is at least unique. It’s also incredibly important for all the things it taught me not to do. Every project after this had a smaller cast, a more focused plot, and a more sharply realized theme.